LACONIA, NH – JUNE 8, 2021 – The Enablement Group (TEG), a sales enablement content agency and consultancy, and Mainspire Marketing, a global full-service marketing agency, are proud to announce that they have merged operations under the name “The Enablement Group” to better serve the needs of corporate sales, marketing and HR teams.

Marc McNamara, Founder and Chief Enablement Officer of TEG (headquartered in Laconia, NH), and Sarah LaLiberte, Founder of Mainspire (headquartered in Gilford, NH) and the new Chief Engagement Officer of TEG, are excited to bring the two companies together to better serve both client bases and leverage the combined teams’ talent. Marketing and sales enablement require investments in people, content and technology. Combining TEG and Mainspire brings together decades of relevant experience to help clients craft and implement high-quality engaging experiences that dramatically increase visibility, profitability and employee productivity.

“To survive today, organizations need to succeed at every stage of the customer buying journey, but often we find there is an enablement gap between sales and marketing,” commented McNamara. “Bombarded with digital distractions, customers are harder to engage while employees struggle to find the key content or training they need to grab and hold customer attention and earn their business. TEG has spent years delivering content solutions for sales enablement, and by merging with Mainspire, we bridge the enablement gap between marketing content and sales content.”

“It all comes down to experiences,” commented LaLiberte. By understanding the entire buying journey – from marketing to sales to customer service – we work with our clients to provide tangible, measurable, performance improvements through engaging content experiences. Our goals are to help maximize budget and revenue, then explain and train with the right content, in the right community, with the right process. Every time.”

As a new, more powerful marketing and sales content agency,  TEG takes the time to understand their clients’ organization, people and customers. Their philosophy is that no two companies are the same and they carefully evaluate and use data and metrics to assess where their clients are and where they want to go, and then provide the processes and programs they need to get them there. TEG helps transform content and create solutions that capture attention and deliver on clients’ communication objectives.

McNamara continued: “With the TEG/Mainspire merger, we are much more than a content agency: we are now an experience agency. And we make the experience fun, entertaining, exciting, competitive, and most importantly, effective. We understand that engagement is critical to success.”

TEG is unique in that it provides services to both marketing and sales leadership by addressing the enablement gap of knowledge, skills, or resources that hold teams back from exceeding strategic goals. For customer-facing content, TEG’s full-service marketing services include programs for webinars and virtual events, PR, copywriting and design (blogs, websites/landing pages, socials, emails), CRM/marketing automation and sales campaigns. For internal teams’ learning and enablement, TEG excels in digital interactive learning design and performance support. 

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About The Enablement Group

The Enablement Group (TEG) is a marketing and sales enablement content agency that delivers experiences fostering greater engagement and message retention, ultimately driving revenue and performance improvement. From interactive video to virtual events to learning modules or marketing campaigns, TEG’s team of professionals, including strategic consultants, project managers, and the TEG Factory of instructional and creative designers, animators, authors, assembly, developers and support, help clients quickly improve performance and revenue through optimized content experiences. TEG takes the time with each of its clients to define a culturally aligned program that systemizes the creation and delivery of critical content for every stage of the buyer’s journey. For more information, please visit