Why Automated Curation Never Works

We’ve seen many automated content curation tools and lot’s of AI coming that claims to curate effective content for your employees. The promise amazing results, bottom line we think these tools just provide you with content aggregation.

Our philosophy is very different. if you look up the definition of curation and think about it in terms of a museum curator or a music curator might do, you can understand the need for a person to be part of this process.
Don’t be mistaken, we know that technology plays a role in effective curation, but without editorial oversight and vision you are likely not delivering much that is engaging and useful to your employees.
Seldom will a machine deliver content that is completely on target and relevent to the learner and we don’t see it getting any better in the current state of computer logic. One of the main reasons for this is…

Machines Can’t Create Effective Commentary

Here’s a hidden gem that we will start talking more about. Commentary is the real value of content curation. While the content you share is the appetizer, the commentary is the main course, the drinks, and the desert. Done correctly commentary will re-inforce your prospective and be something that is highly sought after by your audience.

There isn’t a machine yet that can produce effective commentary that is insightful, or snarky, or humorous. Sure a computer recently might have passed the Turing test, but acting like a confused teenager from Russia is a far cry from providing a few lines of text that make you smile, wink, grimace, laugh out loud or bang uncontrollably on your keyboard.
No Machine Can Decipher Quality

The current state of automated curation looks at social shares and content engagement. While this is a good indication of what might be popular that doesn’t mean it’s a good indication of what is valuable to your audience. It’s also not a good indication if you can provide effective commentary as we mentioned above.
Machines Lack Empathy

This point ties in both the commentary and quality aspect. Since machines can’t think or feel they lack a critical element that most people have—empathy. Empathy is a critical skill when curating.
Empathy means you can feel what your audience feels, you know their pains, their aspirations, and their wants and needs. No computer or curation tool can get even close to knowing this.
Good content curation evokes an emotion in your audience. A computer can’t watch 30 second video and feel the same range of emotions that a person can. Sure a machine can tell you that a ton of people have watched a certain video. But that machine won’t be able to tell you “this video is perfect for your audience” or “don’t share this video as it’s entertaining but your audience wouldn’t appreciate this from you”.
Final Point

To curate content well is still a hard task. There are dozens of examples everywhere you look. In the end good content curation still requires a human element. Until machines/computers can replicate the same nuances produced by the human mind it will be tough to see how automation really can reliably produce an effective result.

This is the main reason why we do what we do to help make you successful in building your learning ecosystem. chosen to build a tool that sits firmly one step below automation.